Plans For Wedding Celebrations

Wedding is the most important event in everyone’s life that is also considered a huge milestone. The reason for this is, that this celebration brings a major change into our lives. This wedding ceremony joins us and our loving one together for lifelong. It creates a strong bond between two people and let them to live lifelong together. This wedding celebrations differ from people to people. Because different religions use different methods and it differs from country to country. In our society, we can see that, there are certain group of people who do believe in spiritual customs and another group of people who don’t have believe in this spiritual custom. However, generally for a valid marriage there must be valid registration which will be accepted by everyone. The registration will be done per the marriage ordinance of that country. Moreover, the courts will only recognize a registered marriage as a valid marriage. There is certain exceptional situation where the court will accept the ritual ceremonies also as a valid marriage. Because there are so many ceremonies and events which confirms that wedding. 

When we are saying ceremonies and events about marriages, it includes, engagement, registration, wedding functions, reception and home coming etc. these events are known as official wedding events where its celebrate by all the relative and friends together. However, there are certain events which are celebrated by people in recent days such as, hens’ parties, bucks parties Melbourne and bridal shower etc. These are not ritual events or compulsory events. But it’s celebrated by the groom’s friend and bride’s friends. And it’s only celebrated for fun and enjoyment of the bride and the groom.

When we are saying wedding celebrations, it’s not a one day celebration. Especially when it comes to ritual wedding, there will be celebrations for the entire month. For example, groom’s friends will get ready with the buck’s weekend ideas, bride’s friends and family will be busy with shopping planning, preparing the invitations and invite the people, pre- book the wedding hall, preparing the wedding cake and all other wedding preparations and events will decorate the entire wedding month. However, when it comes to register marriage, it will be a simple marriage method and there won’t be the above-mentioned events. Take a look at this page if you are looking for more ideas for your event.

These days we can see that most of the people prefer the registered marriage process, because it’s less time consuming and less expensive comparing to the ritual weddings. Also, these days people marriage in different religion and different countries, therefore the best options for them is the registered marriage.